How to make a secret bed in your room

Making a bed that can be hidden into your wall is a smart move, especially since it allows your room to have a lot more space when you are not using your bed. This way you can simply fold the bed away when you need more space to work on other projects.

This is also great if you want to avoid laying on the bed for unnecessary amounts of time. Folding your bed up will allow you to spend the time on your bed.

Movies have long utilized the secret bed idea and if you have fantasized of owning something similar, then this DIY is for you. Through this DIY you will be able to make your own bed frame that can be folded into secrecy.



Murphy bed kit

Step 1

The bed will be placed between shelves allowing it to fully camouflage into the background. You will first need to cut the plywood into the sizes that you feel like will best suit your room.

First, you will have to put together the shelves. You can use some pocket screws to attach the plywood shelves together.

You can add vinyl on the edges to make sure that all the rough edges are hidden, giving you a clean look. Before you screw the shelves to the side panel with pocket screws you will have to apply some wood glue to make sure that the shelves are securely attached to the side panel. Use claps to hole the selves as you screw on the pocket screws. You can then add some face frames onto the shelves. You have to repeat the process again.

Step 2

Next, you will have to make the drawers. Making the drawers is really easy, you will need some plywood face, this piece should be bigger than the other sides, the edge banding should be on all sides. The other pieces should have the edge banding just on the top. You can then start putting them together. You will first have to apply wood glue and stick all the sides together and then start screwing them together.

Step 3

You can start working on the bed frame. You will need to make some ribs out of plywood strips, the strips will have to be attached so that it resembles a L shape. These ribs will go inside a plywood base to make it sturdy, this is also the area where the mattress will be placed.

you then have to make the frame for the bed, where the ribs will be placed between the frame. The frame can be attached with the help of wood glue and a couple of screws.

You will then need to cover the bottom layer with a 3quater inch plywood. This side will be exposed to the room when the bed is folded. You will also have to attach something thinner on the inside/top where the mattress will be laid

Step 4

To mount the drawers into the shelve units you will need a bottom mount slide, these slides have 2 pieces, one will be attached to the sidewall of the shelve unit and the other will be attached to the bottom of the drawer. Measure and sleeves the areas where the drawers will be placed. Once the drawers are made you will need another one that will be placed at the headboard of the bed, this is where you will pit all your electronic devices to charge.

You then attach the side panels to the bed frame. Make sure everything is screwed together while you place the bed against the wall. You can then paint and camouflage the bottom base frame to make it look similar to the shelves or other furniture in your room. The unit where the electronics will be kept has a power outlet on the back side.

Lastly you cam makeup doors for the top part of the shelf/ cabinets. You can add more personal details to it like lights, paintings etc. Your secret bed is now ready.

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