How to Make a Secret Room (Through a Wardrobe) 

As a kid we all wanted a secret room to hang out and play, today we’re all grown up and we still need that secret room but for different reasons: to unwind, relax and enjoy some alone time. For today’s DIY project we’re going to fulfil that dream as it sounds like such a fun and cool experience. We made an entire mystery room; inclusive of a wall, a wardrobe, and a secret lock device! Come see how you could do the same in your home.

  • Things that might come in handy:


Dremel Multi-Max 50

Style Selections Floating Shelf

Utilitech Recessed Lights

Kreg Accu-Cut System

Tapcon Anchors and Bit

LeGrand Outlet w/USB

Jeld-Wen Hollow Core Door

Electromagnet (for the secret switch)

Southwire 14ga. Wire Bundle

Adjustable Gang Box

ESP8266 Micro-Controller Board

Paint Colors

  • How to:

This assignment was intended to split a long room in Josh's completed basement. The intent was to make a non-load-bearing wall that reduce the lengthy room into a bedroom at the front and a secret workplace space at the back. To make it fun, Josh designed a nook wardrobe that you can walkthrough. To keep out little youngsters and to add to the secret charm, the entrance could lock and unlock with a hidden switch.

For this hidden switch, we decided to go for an electromagnet that will work with the push of a button.

Constructing the wall is quite simple. We used 2x4 studs cut to match the height of the room and span from one side to the opposite. I also needed to leave enough room on one end for the entrance. The wall studs had been nailed in place every 16 inches and secured to the floor using Tapcon anchors. We went online and researched the risks of setting a new wall over the carpet, and Josh, my friend determined that it was a better alternative than getting rid of the carpet in that region and adding all-new tack strips.

As we intended on running new lighting fixtures into the workplace, Josh ran wiring via an -existing soffit and down through the wall on a brand-new circuit. This would help us to rough in a light switch and two outlets in the new wall. We also introduced three new low-profile recessed lighting fixtures into the room which made the gap a whole lot more usable whilst blocking it off from the rest of the room.

Now that the wall was up, we had to add the door that would also act as the back panel within the wardrobe. We bought a blank, hollow-core door from Lowe's and a p.c. of hinges. I did not get a pre-hung door because those doors are centred within the connected door jams. Our door wishes to sit flush up against the entrance so there wouldn't be an unusual recessed back panel in the wardrobe.
Josh added a few mortices to the door's edge to simply accept the 3 hinges. I needed to do the same thing to the door jam spacer that we created. I screwed this spacer directly to the wall stud and hung the door in the proper location.

To cover the whole opening, we designed a nook wardrobe with two doorways and a few hanging hooks on the inside. Josh desired to ensure that the wardrobe was practical and inconspicuous, not giving anybody a reason to recognize that something was happening at the back of the panel. He drafted up a cut listing using Fusion 360 and we cut the items out in Josh's shop.

Most of the wardrobe would be framing factors to assist the two front doors. Because it was located in the corner, one back panel would be the formerly existing sidewall and the other one could be our new set-up door. To cover up the seams, we used 1 by 4 boards to make "trim" on the inside and 1by 6s to cut out from the wall and assist the front doors. Josh used 1 by 4" plywood strips to add decorative trim to the single panel doors to add some character and aesthetic. The door panels were cut in one single piece and hinged to the frame. There's no bottom trim at the doorway so that you don't have to step over something just to enter the secret room.

A few fresh coats of paint, a few décor pieces and a few finishing touches later voila, we’re done! Of course, you can decorate or paint the room according to your liking, the possibilities are endless. It is a time consuming and committing project that also requires a lot of work and assistance but in the end, it was worth it.

Enjoy your secret spot!

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