How to make a Star Wars Han Solo DL-44 gun

Are you a big Star Wars fan who has always admired Han Solo? This is your chance to make your very own Han Solo DL-44 gun!

For this DIY project, we would be revamping a store-bought Han Solo gun. Read more to find out how it is made.


Products needed for this DIY project:

1.      Han Solo DL-44 gun

2.      Paint

3.      Graphite powder

4.      Spray paint

5.      Drill


Let’s get started with our DIY project!


Step 1:

First, you must buy a Han Solo DL-44 toy gun from your nearest toy store. Alternatively, you would even order it online. Once it has arrived open the packaging. If you see the gun is pretty childish and although the basic structure resembles the gun they are trying to mimic, it’s still pretty far from authentic. Today, in this DIY project, we are going to change that!

Step 2:

You might have noticed that the gun is pretty light to be a Han Solo gun. This can easily be fixed by putting some clay into the body of the gun by splitting it into two halves. Don’t be shy to fill every nook and cranny with this clay so that it could become at least a little heavier.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to do some drilling. To mimic the original, we need to make a few suppressor holes in the front of the toy gun. Using a drill with a sharp drill bit carefully drill some small holes along the length of the front hollow plastic structure.

Step 4:

Take off the cap at the back of the gun and drill a hole into it. Sand down the edges to give it a smoother finish. Add a little plastic circle onto it and screw it back into the back. This will help to give the gun a more authentic look.

Step 5:

Sand the whole toy gun using any sanding paper or sponge that you have lying around to give the whole gun a smoother finish and prepare it for the steps that are to follow.

Step 6:

This is the step where it will finally start looking like an authentic Han Solo gun. It’s time to spray paint! Take some black spray paint and generously cover both sides of the gun with it and leave it to dry. Do one side at a time and wait for it to dry before you move on to the other side. And remember to either do this in a well-ventilated area in your house or work station or outside your house to avoid any harm.

Step 7:

To add the finishing touches, paint the front on the gun silver and highlight other sections of the gun with silver paint if you want. Also, paint the handle of the gun brown. Leave it aside to dry.

Step 8:

The last step is to gently brush some graphite powder on the gun to give it a more rugged look. This will make sure that the gun is a little roughed up and doesn’t look too fake. Finish this off with a matte finish spray.

Your Han Solo DL-44 gun is now complete! Doesn’t it look much better than the store-bought version? The transformation is truly unreal! Show it off in front of your buddies who are Star Wars fans and enjoy your latest creation!

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