How to make a zipline in your backyard

Having a zipline at home is a great way to spend some time outside. With it’s adrenaline pumping nature, it promises a thrilling time to anyone that chooses to use it. Through this article you will understand how you can build a zipline in your backyard. Be cautious while doing this, as what worked for this project might not work for you, however, you could use this article as a guide to build one that works for you. 



Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

Vinyl tubing

Wire Rope Clamps

Basic cutting board

Galvinized Tie Ring

Carabiner – 5 Pack


3/8 Inch 50 Foot Rope

Step 1

To begin with this project, you will need a rubber hose, some carabiners, some climbing pulleys, a couple of clamp sets and some steel cable. The cable being used should be strong enough to be used.

You than have to loosen 3 clamps and slide the wire into them and then slide the wire into the rubber hose. A hose is used to stop the wire from digging into the tree.

Once you have got the wire around the tree, you will have to slide the sire back into the clamps, which will then be spaced out anywhere between 8-10 inches. You need to make sure that there is a great amount of wire passing through the clamps and the clamps are properly spaced out.

Make sure to tighten out all of the nuts before you move on to the other side.

Step 2

You have to repeat the same process while attaching the wire to the other side, the only difference is that you will have to pass through a lot more wire than you did initially. This is done so that you leave enough wire to adjust the tension of the wire when you use it later. The tightness of the wire greatly contributes to how fast you'll pass through the zipline. Once you have tightened them, you will have to pass the wire back up the clamps and insert the end of the wire into the hose, this is done to avoid the wire from sticking out. 

Step 3

you can now start making the handle for the zipline. To make the handle you will need a small PVC pipe, the pipe should be of a size that is perfect for you to reach around. Once to have cut the length of the pipe, you need to mark 2 inches from each end, you need to make sure that the markings are parallel to each other.

you then have to drill a hole on the marking made.

Next, you will need some strong nylon cord. If the nylon cloth is frayed at the end you will need to cut the frayed section and then melt the ends with a lighter. 

Pass the cord into the first hole, in the pipe and then bring it out of the second hole.

Once you have an equal length of cord through both the holes, you will then have to tie a knot at one end and while keeping the cord tight on the inside of the pipe, tie a knot at the other end. 

You can keep the ends of the pipe open, this is so that if any water gets into it, it can just pour out. 

You will then have to take both the ends of the cord together and tie a knot, you will notice a double loop hanging at the top.

Step 4

You will now have to make a sacrificial brake. This sacrificial brake is made of a cutting board, the board used for this project is made up of soft plastic, this will then be running over a metal cable, this board will eventually wear out, however, it is very cost efficient. 

You need to cut it into four equal sized pieces, these will then attach it around the cable. With the router you will need to carve a groove in two of the pieces.

The grooves should be big enough to make a channel for the table. Stack the pieces and tape them together so that you can drill some holes. Place the hardware onto the pieces and drill a hole to screw it to the pieces. You will have to sandwich the pieces around the wire and then bolt it together. You might want to use some lock tight to make sure that the bolts and nuts are in place. 

You will have to attach the brake to something sturdy, the brake can be attached with the help of some bungee cords.

Step 5

You then have to place the pulley over the cable and then a carabiner is attached to it.

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