How to make an aesthetic media shelf

Do you want to make an aesthetic wood shelf for your house? Instead of buying one from the store, follow this DIY to make one at home all by yourself! This sturdy shelf can store anything from vinyl records, books, speakers, or anything else that you desire. Read more to find out how to add an aesthetic touch to your house!


Products needed for this DIY project:

1.      2-inch angle iron

2.      2 x 12 wood

3.      2 x 4 wood

4.      Finishing oil

5.      Screws

6.      Sanding machine

7.      Drill

8.      Jigsaw

9.      Circular saw


Let’s get started with the instructions for making this DIY project!


Step 1:

The first step is to cut the 2-inch angle iron rod using a jigsaw and a metal cutting blade. Before attaching everything to the work table, place the angle irons on a stack of woodblocks. Now you can start cutting the angle iron into two pieces of 20 inches each and sand any rough edges if necessary.

Step 2:

Apply some cutting oil to the rods to provide them with the much-needed lubrication and to help with the dispersion of heat. Drill some holes into it for the screws to be put into place. Begin with a 3/16” diameter bit drilled all the way through. Then use a 3/8” diameter bit to make a countersink hole for the screw heads.

Step 3:

No one wants to have filthy rods for their coffee table covered with grease and dirt. Using some mineral spirits gently clean the angle rods just after you have drilled the holes mentioned in the previous step.

Step 4:

Now it’s time to cut the wood. Using a circular saw, cut the two pieces of the 2 x 12 so that the two pieces are five feet long each. Then you need to cut 4 thin pieces of the 2 x 4 which are as long as the 2 x 12 is wide.

Step 5:

Measure 8 inches in from either end of one of the 2x12 pieces and cut two notches to take the angle iron flanges with the circular saw. Make sure that both the notches are in the same line with each other horizontally. After this is completed, sand the wood to give it a smooth finish.

Step 6:

Finish all the pieces of wood with a coat of Danish oil or any finishing oil to give it a smooth and shiny finish.

Step 7:

Screw all the pieces of 2 x 12 and 2 x 4 together carefully by inserting the screws in the holes we had drilled earlier. Then fit the angle irons into the notches that were made in the previous step. After putting the whole structure together, your media shelf should resemble the one given in the picture below.

 Your aesthetic media shelf is now complete! Place it in your living room and put your favorite items on it to create a great new addition to your house!

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