How to make an iPad "cash" register

Today we're going to learn how swivelling Ipad stand.

Let's get started:

Firstly, trace the outline of your iPad on paper and then carefully measure to find where the dimensions of the actual screen would fall. Make a detailed sketch so that you can have a clear idea of what you can overlap and what is needed to be left exposed.

Based on these dimensions cut down some wood and run it over a table saw to basically cut it into half. Once that is done, run the wood through a planer for a smooth finish. Here, we've used some teak scraps that we had to cut some small pieces of wood to as a border around the iPad.

The thickness of these small strips will be the same as the iPad itself. So, cut them down to the appropriate length and glue them onto the back panel. For the topmost pieces, you'll have to keep the iPad in place to make sure you've got the right position.

Now, transfer your drawing of the front panel on a piece of wood and take it to the saw to cut it precisely. To connect the front and back panel we put a threaded insert in the back, drill it through the front so that we could run a screw through the front into the insert. Make sure the holes in the back are big enough for the inserts to go in, we suggest using a threaded insert with a hex opening.

Go ahead and bolt the front and back panels together and run through a belt sander to get rid of any unevenness. Now, we unscrewed them, flipped them around, put the front of the back and tape them together this way we can use the band saw to transfer the cuts made on the back panel to the front panel.

Go back to the belt sander one more time for that perfect finish.

Mark out and cut out a hole for the power connector to go in, the measure on the iPad where the camera opening is and drill a hole there. Now, take the front panel and run it through the table saw to get it to a certain thickness. TImes to coat the panels with several coats of spray lacquer

To make the stand cut down three pieces of teak and put a 45-degree angle on two of them. Find the centre of each piec3 and measure the distance from the centre to the outside of the 45 degrees, this distance will give you where the centre point should be in the pice that rotates. Bolt all three of these together, you can easily spin the centrepiece together. Mark the arc created by the rating pieces cut it down.

Screw this entire stand piece on a baseboard and then connect the front and back panel part onto it using screws. And after all that sanding, measuring and screwing finally, our swivelling iPad stand is ready!

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