How to make durable pots using reusable molds

Do you need something to make your house look fresh and aesthetic? Today, we will show you how you can make durable concrete pots using reusable molds in a few easy steps! Ready more to find out how it is made.


Products needed for this DIY project:

1.      PVC pipe

2.      Vinyl floor mat

3.      Screws

4.      Concrete mix

5.      Plant


Let’s begin with our DIY project!


Step 1:

Let’s start by making our first mold using some PVC pipe. Cut the PVC pipe into about 20 pieces that are 14 inches long each.

Step 2:

Take a vinyl floor mat and place it on a flat surface. cut a strip that is about 14 inches in height. This will form the outer covering of the mold. It is appropriate to use a vinyl floor mat for this purpose since it is flexible and really durable.

Step 3:

Attach the PVC pipes that you cut in the first step to the vinyl strip by screwing them together with the help of some pan head screws. Make sure to leave a gap of at least a quarter of an inch between each pipe.

Step 4:

Once all the pipes have been screwed onto the vinyl floor mat, cut the excess of the vinyl mat and make a cylindrical structure out of the pipes. Secure it in place with a generous amount of duct tape so that the mold does not fall apart.

Step 5:

We also need to make a structure that will fit inside for the plant and water drainage. Simply take a large bowl and a plastic bottle and glue them together. Place this structure in the center of your pipe structure and your concrete pot mold is now complete.  

*Another alternative to this pipe mold is a hexagon mold. To make this mold you’ll need vinyl trim boards that are cut to the same size. Attach these together using some hinges so that it makes a hexagon shape. Place the large bowl and plastic bottle structure into this mold and your second mold is now complete.

Step 6:

Now that the molds are ready, it’s time to prepare your concrete mixture. Empty out the contents of the dry cement packet into a large container. Mix water into the dry mixture in the right proportions as mentioned on the label of the cement packet. Keep mixing the mixture till it's semi-liquid. Make sure to mix well so that there are no dry patches or lumps remaining.

Step 7:

Carefully pour the wet concrete mix into the space between the mold and the inner plastic structure. don’t forget to pack it in well so that there are no air bubbles present. Leave it aside to dry for at least 48 hours.

Step 8:

Once the concrete has completely dried, carefully remove the molds and the plastic structure inside the concrete to reveal our pot. You could also sand the edges of the pot down so that it's not rough on the edges.

Your durable concrete pot is now ready! Put your favorite plant into it and place it in an aesthetic corner of your house. You can store the molds for future use in a clean and dry area but don’t forget to clean them after every use!

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