How to make wooden salad tongs at home

If you are someone who loves doing DIY projects and creating new things all the time, you’ve come to the right place! Today we will be showing you how to make a simple household item at home so that you don’t have to buy it from the store. This DIY is all about making salad tongs from scratch in 5 simple steps! If you’re interested, read more to find out how it is made.


Products needed for this DIY project:

1.      Basswood

2.      Flat aluminum stock

3.      Dowels

4.      Band saw

5.      Belt sander

6.      Food-safe wood finish

7.      Blow torch 

8.      Glue


Let’s get started with our DIY project!


Step 1:

We will be making these salad tongs using a piece of basswood. Take a block of the basswood and draw a rough design of the salad tongs on one of the sides. Using a band saw, cut along the lines carefully. First, cut all the straight lines and then move on to cutting all the details. Once the rough shape is prepared, cut the basswood down the center so that you can get two pieces that will form the hands of the salad tongs.

Step 2:

Now it’s time to start sanding the pieces! These will require a lot of sanding to look smooth and perfectly shaped. Use a belt sander to further reduce the two pieces and make them taper from one side. Sand the front part of it to add a slight curve to the pieces so that they resemble actual store-bought salad tong hands. Keep sanding till you’ve achieved the desired shape. Once done, sand the whole surface down once again to eliminate any rough edges and give it a smooth finish.

Step 3:

Run the bottom end of both the salad tongs through a table saw to cut a slit through it. Then take a piece of flat aluminum stock and cut it to the desired length. Insert the two hands of the soon-to-be salad tongs at both the ends of this aluminum stock. Drill two holes on each side through the wood and the aluminum.

Step 4:

Now it’s time to bend the aluminum stock. For this, take a hand file and chip off some of the aluminum from the middle of the piece. Using a blow torch, direct some fire towards the center of the aluminum piece and bend it slowly. Make sure to do this step while wearing gloves as the aluminum could get very hot.

Step 5:

Now insert the two wooden pieces back on the two ends of the aluminum piece. Insert a dowel into each hole that you had made in one of the previous steps by applying some glue to it. This will help to keep the wooden pieces and the aluminum part together. Apply some food-safe wood finish to the wood pieces to give them a nice and smooth finish.

Your wooden salad tongs are now complete! Did you see how easy it was to make simple household items by yourself at home! In the same way, you can make other items of daily use if you desire. What is so unique about DIY projects is that you can customize them in any way, shape, or form that you want so let your imagination run wild. Enjoy your latest creation!

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