How to make your own magnifying micro lens

Having a micro lens that can magnify anything to capture every small detail is very unique. But they can be very expensive if you want to buy them from the market. So why not make your own! Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with the simplest method to make your very own magnifying lens. Read more to find out how it’s made!


Products required for this DIY project:

1. Plastic bottle

2. Syringe

3. Transparent glue

4. Sharp scissors


Let’s get started with the DIY!


Step 1:

Take a plastic bottle and draw a few circles about the size of a coin on it.

Step 2:

Cut the circles carefully using a pair of sharp scissors.

Step 3:

Take two circles and stick them together from the edges using some transparent glue.

Step 4:

Using a syringe filled with water carefully fill the space between the two plastic circles with water. Your magnifying tool is now ready!

Step 5:

Take the cap of the plastic bottle and cut off the top so that you’re only left with a plastic ring.

Step 6:

Stick the plastic ring to the magnifying tool to give it some elevation.

Step 7:

As a final step, you need to stick the other side of the plastic ring to the camera lens of your phone.

Your magnifying micro lens is now ready! You can now click magnified pictures of anything you like.

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