How to Renovate a Cosy Mudroom

A mudroom is seen as a home's secondary entrance, this is a space where you tend to remove any dirty boots, wet coats before you enter the main part of the house. Ensuring a storage space to prevent the rest of the house from getting dirty. Through this article you will understand on how you can renovate your mudroom, whether you find it outdated or just done like the style it is, following this article will make you realise about the different elements you can add to your mudroom. Renovating a room is not easy, this article will help you get through it faster. 


Kohler Cast Iron Laundry Sink

Kingston Brass 2-Handle Faucet

Cedar 2x4


Prepping the room 

Before renovating the mudroom you will need to take out all the objects in the room, if there is a sink, you will have to disconnect the pipe and take it out. The room has a wallpaper, the border can be taken out with a steamer, gently slide the steamer across the border and the wallpaper will peel off. You can disconnect the fan and cover the hole with a metal cover. Take out any sleeves in the room. Patch up any holes that are created. Once everything is removed, the room should be primed and painted.

Attaching the sink 

The sink was then attached. The sink used for this project was cast iron, this makes it really heavy. To mount this into the wall you will have to reinforce where it will go so that the wall can carry the weight of the sink. Once you have figured out where the sink needs to be mounted, you can use clips to mount the sink, for this you will need to make a hole in the wall and attach a brace for the clips. You need to make sure that you do not damage any electrical or plumbing while making the hole for the brace. You then cover it up with a drywall and put up some mud and sand on any uneven surface. Then prime and paint it with the same colour as the wall. Before you mount the sink to the wall, you will have to paint the sink. Mask any parts you don't want to paint and then with the help of a spray paint you will need to paint the bottom black. Then mount the sink into the wall.

Making the shelves

Shelves were then made, these selves were placed over the washers. The shelves were really simple, they were made with some metal brackets and some panels. To make them you will need some cedar 2x4. You will first need to flatten and smoothen them. You can then clamp all of them together and level them. Then lay them next to each other and mark slots where you will insert a biscuit joiner, cut the slot and insert the biscuit. You then have to apply a lot of glue and attach them. Use clamps to keep them in place during the drying process. 

Once the glue is dried up, you can run it across a table saw to get them down to the right width. You will then need to run them through the planer and get both the sides of the panel smooth. You then have to sand the panels, even the edges. To finish it off you can use a couple of coats of wipe on poly. You can make more panels for the room.

Attaching brackets to the panel 

The brackets will be attached outside of the panel and will be made of a single piece of steel, cut and folded. You can first cut a cardboard to get the angles and length the steel will be. You then have to trace the cardboard onto the steel and cut it. The corner of the steel needs to be folded so that the panels can sit on them. You can then use a grinder to smooth out the rough edges and then paint it. Do the same for any other panels created. 

Drill some holes into the folded steel part. Place the steel bracket onto the board and mark the area that needs to be drilled, you will need to pre-drill onto the marking, this is done to avoid any splitting, then attach the steel onto the panel. Then attach the shelves into the wall.

Making cubbies 

If you have old cabinets you can just sand them and paint them to fit into the renovated room. 

You can make any changes you want for the flooring. 

The cubbies are simple boxes that will be made to go over the bench. Cut some wood, the size can depend on the room space. And attach the wood together. You can then use a couple of coats of oil finish to the wood. Twitch the wood to the wall.

You can then make a coat hanger and screw it into the wall. Add any other details you want your mudroom to have.

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