How to make a crosscut sled with a storage unit

If you are someone who spends a lot of time in their workshop constantly ideation and making new things you might know the importance of having additional support fixtures to help with your existing tools. Imagine how useful an extended workspace would be? Well, today we’re here to show you how to build a variety of support material for your workshop. If you’re interested, read more to find out how it is made!


Products needed for this DIY project:

1.      Table saw

2.      Three quarter-inch plywood

3.      Half-inch plywood

4.      Drawer slides

5.      Screws and bolts

6.      Wood glue

7.      Finishing paste wax

8.      Miter saw


Let’s get started with this DIY project!


Step 1:

The first step is to cut four pieces of three-quarter-inch plywood using a miter saw. Make sure that there is no curve or bend in any of the pieces. Stick two pieces together using some wood glue so that you’re left with two pieces for the front and the back of the crosscut sled. Clamp the pieces while they’re drying.

Step 2:

Cut a large piece of plywood and cut it to length using a table saw. Once cut, take the two pieces that we made out of three-quarter-inch plywood in the previous step and stick them using some wood glue on the front and back of this piece of plywood. You could even put in some screws to give the structure more stability. It is very important to see that the pieces are stuck in such a way that they are exactly parallel to the plywood piece. Stick some pieces of wood at the back of the back panel to act as a stop block.

Step 3:

To attach this cross-cut sled to the table saw we need to make runners slide into the guides already present on the table saw which will be attached to the bottom of the cross-cut sled. For making these runners we will be cutting two pieces of 1 x 4 to length to fit into the table saw guide. Stick these onto the cross-cut sled using wood glue, some screws, and a drill in such a way that the middle of the cross-cut sled is right over the table saw.

Step 4:

Place the cross-cut sled on the table saw and make a cut right in the center all across the cross-cut sled but make sure that you don’t cut through the back panel made of three-quarter-inch plywood. Apply some finishing paste wax on the runners so that the cross-cut sled slides smoothly across your table saw.

Step 5:

As an optional step, you can even make a storage unit next to your table saw to store your cross-cut sled. For this, you will need two large pieces of two-inch plywood, one smaller piece to form the sliding panel, and two side pieces that will form the depth of the storage unit. We’re essentially making a box here with two open sides. On one of the large pieces and the smaller piece, we need to screw on two drawer slides on the two sides and connect the two pieces together. After this is done, attach the pieces together using pocket holes and pocket screws. To level this box with the table saw, you can screw on some bolts at the bottom of the box which will be used to adjust the height. Screw this onto the side of the table saw to finish off this step.

Your cross-cut sled with a storage unit is now complete! This is a very helpful tool if you use a table saw frequently. Just like this, there are a number of support fixtures that can be made to help you with your future projects. What is so unique about DIY projects is that you can customize them in any way, shape, or form that you want so let your imagination run wild. Enjoy your latest creation!

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