DIY battery-powered LED Lightsaber

If you’ve looked on the internet you’ve probably found a million different ways to make a Lightsaber. But have you ever come across a battery-powered LED lightsaber? This unique twist to a simple lightsaber is a game-changer. Today we will show you how to make this unique lightsaber in four simple steps using mostly drainage parts! Read more to find out how it is made.


Products needed for this DIY project:

1.      Pop-up drain

2.      Drain Extension Tube

3.      LED lights

4.      Button for LED lights

5.      Batteries + Battery holders

6.      Polycarbonate tube

7.      1 ¼” PVC pipe

8.      ¾” PVC cross

9.      Packing foam

10.   O rings


Let’s get started with our DIY project!


Step 1:

First, let's start with making the hilt of our battery-powered LED lightsaber. For this you will need to start by removing the drain plug from the one and a quarter inch pop-up drain and then cutting the pop-up drain using a miter saw so that it is almost half the size it originally was. We need to do this so that there is enough room for the battery holder to fit. You need to connect this to a one-and-a-half-inch drain extension pipe using some O-rings so that the two parts fit snugly together. Before connecting the two parts, you also need to drill a hole through the pop-up drain and a similar hole into the extension drain pipe in a way that when the two parts are connected, the holes fall in the same place.

Step 2:

To make the blade of our battery-powered LED Lightsaber, we will be inserting a one-inch polycarbonate tube into a small one and a quarter-inch PVC pipe which has been spray-painted with black paint. Use some super glue to stick both these parts in place permanently. The polycarbonate tube can be cut using a miter saw to whatever length you find suitable.

Step 3:

Now let’s work on the wiring of the LED lights for our lightsaber. You need to take a strip of LED lights and using a soldering iron connect the power and ground wires and then connect the power and ground of the other side to the wires of the battery holder that contains the 1.2-volt rechargeable batteries which will power the lights of our lightsaber. Then you need to finish connecting all the necessary wires to the Aurdino and make all the required connections to your button before programming it to suit your needs.

Step 4:

Stick the two LED lights to each other back-to-back using some super glue and then properly wrap it into a thin sheet of packing foam. Once this is done, you need to insert the packing foam containing the LED lights into the polycarbonate tube carefully. Then you need to insert this blade into the hilt of the lightsaber that we just made in one of the previous steps. Remember to insert all the wirings of the LED lights into the hilt before connecting the two parts.  You also need to insert the button for the LED lights through the hole that we had made in the drain pipes. Once you insert the batteries, you can seal the hilt of the lightsaber shut using the slip ring that came with the drain pipes.

Your DIY battery-powered LED Lightsaber is now complete! You can even go one step further and make a cross handle for your lightsaber. For doing this all you have to do is replace the small, black PVC tube with a T-shaped PVC tube into which you will insert two additional PVC tubes with LED lights. You can now show off the battery-powered LED Lightsaber made just by you to your friends and family to see their amazing reactions. Enjoy your latest creation!

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