Lego Build Table // How-To 

Today we're going to make a lego build table. We will start this project with the bottom shelf and start that shelf with the outside frame made by 1 by pine. Now, mark out the sizes on the boards to get the exact cuts we want out of each board. After cutting the boards, we ripped all of these pieces down to the right thickness. Now, cut a few smaller strips to act as a support underneath the shelf.

Now that everything is cut to precision, lay it flat out to make sure it all fits perfectly, once you are satisfied add some glue to set all the pieces in place.

Once done with this, repeat the process and make another one just like it.

Cut down eight pieces of the same pine for the legs, now cut all eight pieces out at the same angle (1 and a half-inch from the edge). Two of these pieces will be glued and clamped together to make one leg, repeat this for all 4 legs and let them dry.

Lay the bottom shelf and set the legs around the corner, holding them in place drill a hole and push down some glued dowels for a sturdy fit.

We used some spacers of the same length in each corner and laid down the upper shelf on top of them and followed the same process of adding dowels. Make sure everything is aligned properly.

Now, cut some thicker pieces of plywood to use as the wrap around for the top of the table and cut a 45-degree angle on both edges with a mitre saw. Do this for all four pieces.

Now clamp them up in place and glue them all together, and leave it to dry.

Next, it is time to make the inside storage area of the table and this will be made out of two strips of half-inch plywood and then a big sheet of plywood. Cut these down to fit inside the table after that just simply add glue on two sides and clamp the pieces upright. After it is dried, it is now time to assemble this by adding some glue on the edges that were going to be in contact and slid it down into place.

The last thing to make is the top and this was made out of 3/4 inch plywood with a 1 by frame. Cut down the pieces of the frame and mitre all the corners in the same way we did before. Now, cut a slot inside the frame to fit the plywood, repeat this for all the pieces. Using some glue place everything together.

To mount the tabletop, add drawer slides to the long sides of the table and screw them in place. Once this is done, lay the tabletop on top of it. From the bottom, pull out the slides to their full extension and crew them in.

Lastly, run the entire thing with sanding paper or sanding pad and clean it out. Add a couple of coats of polyacrylic for some protection, and now the fun part- add legos!

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