Make a Ceiling Light Fixture 

Do you have an ugly ceiling light that you want to get rid off but don’t have the budget to replace it ? or just want to make your own ceiling light fixture? Then this article is for you. Through the step by step instructions provided you can build your own ceiling light! To build this ceiling light you don't need much experience in building furniture nor would you need a lot of materials.   


Bamboo veneer

Strip of wood


Spray paint 

Spray lacquer

Step 1

The first step to making a ceiling light fixture is to make the shade. You will need a long bamboo veneer sheet for this, the veneer used for this project is 46 inches long, however the length will depend on how big you want your light fixture to be, if you want your light fixture to be smaller than you will need a the veneer to be of a shorter length. The width of the shade also depends on the size you are going for. 

Although the veneer is already very flexible, it would be a good choice if you soak it in water before bending it, this is done to prevent it from forming cracks when you bend it.

Step 2

Once you are satisfied with the length and width of the veneer, you can apply glue on one end and then roll it up and attach it to the other end. You can then clamp the attached ends so that it doesn't come apart before the glue dries up. If the glued up part of the veneer starts to cockle up then you might have to temporarily use a piece of wood to make sure that the veneer straightens up. You will then have to leave the veneer to dry up overnight. 

Step 3

Once it has dried up the veneer should be attached perfectly.  If you are bothered by the veneer being stuck unevenly then you can sand the uneven parts. You will then need to make a cross, this will be placed inside of the shade and hold the shape in place. To make the cross you will need some wood pieces. Cut two wood pieces of the same length, the length depends on the diameter of your shade. 

Before you attach the cross to the shade you will need to spray paint the inside of the shade white, this will not only make the shade more opaque but will also help in reflecting the light.  Spray paint one of the cross pieces white too.   

Step 4

You will then need a mounting plate that will be attached to the ceiling. For this you will need to draw a 5 inch circle on a piece of wood, you can use a compass to draw the circle. Once you are satisfied with the circle you can cut it and then sand off the edges. 

Next, you will have to draw another circle at the centre of the cut out circle, and then followed by a bigger one, you will then need to drill holes between the marked out circles with a forstner bit, make sure that you don't drill a hole through the wood, this is just so you can tuck all the wires into. You can then round out the bottom of the wood. 

Step 5

Drill a hole at the centre of the circle. Then use a pencil and mark two inches away from the hole, the marking should be on either side of the centre hole. After you are done marking you will have to drill holes into the marking. You will then need to coat the circle and the outside of the shade with some spray lacquer, make sure you apply several coats of it. 

Step 6

Then take the painted cross strip and drill holes into it, you will need to drill three holes into the cross strip, one for the lamp light and the other two for the pipe,  the holes should be at the same space as the circle. To connect the you will need a pipe that will fit into it, once you find then you will need to paint the pipes white. 

For the wiring you will need a lamp kit, all you have to do is assemble the lamp kit, you then have to attach it on the painted wood strip.  Attach the pipes to the circle. You will have to apply glue on the end of the cross strip and fix it into the shade. All you have to do is fix it to your ceiling. 

You are now done with making your own ceiling light fixture!

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