Make a LED Sign

LED signs can elevate the ambiance of its surrounding, however customizing one for your business or room can be quite pricey. Through this article you can make your own LED sign and all you need is some wood to make it. This is not only cost efficient but also incredibly easy to make and once you can make this sign you will be able to be more creative and personalize it in the future. 


Wood slats 

LED strip

Step 1

To build an LED sign you will need some wood slats, these slats can be something you already have laying around or you could purchase new ones. If you are using old wood you will have to clean up the edges to give it a smooth edge, this is done to make the process of cutting them easier later. 

Next you will need to cut the wood slat to the same height and width, the size of the wood can depend on the size you want the sign to be, for this project the slats were cut 14 inches wide. You then have to glue them up together, since you have cleaned up the edge the wood should stick together pretty well. To make sure that the slats stick well with each other you will have to apply pressure, you can use camps to do this. 

Step 2

Next you will have to carve the design you want your sign to be, to do this you can use a CNC machine to to make sure that your design looks perfect, manually carving your design is also an option however, you will have to be very careful while doing so.  You can use any material you want for this, using black or some coloured material would enhance your sign.

Step 3

Once your slats are dried up, we can move on to assembling everything. You can now cut them into the right size you want your sign to be, you then need another slat of wood, this is to make the sides for the signs, the process of cutting them is the same as the slats that were cut earlier. 

If the slats are not of the same thickness, for this you will have to have the top and bottom piece in place so that you can measure the approximate height of the sign, then you can cut the side pieces accordingly. One you have everything ready, you can then have to cut them down to the right thickness, this depends on the thickness you want it to be . You then have to nail all the side slats to the panel that you consider as the back panel of the main glued slat. 

Step 4

Once you have attached all the side slats, you can now move on to fix the LED strips. The LED strip will be attached to all the sides of the sign therefore you will have to measure the length of the LED strip that you need and then cut it accordingly. 

To be able to fix the slat into the sign you will have to drill a small hole at the edge of the back panel, the whole has to be just enough for the LED strip to slide through, make sure that the hole is not to big to be seen from the front, the hole should not be too small too as it could damage the LED strip. You then have to remove the sticker from the back and attach the LED strip along the sides of the sign. It is crucial to attach the LED strip as close to the front edge as possible, this is to keep it hidden from view. You can then plug it on and check out the lighting of the sign. 

Step 5

You can now place your design in For you will have to find the centre of the sign, you then have to print out the design at the same size as the CNC cut out, you then have to trace the inside pieces onto the wood so that you have the exact placement when you attach the CNC carved out design. Make sure that the sign is not tilted while you attach it to the bottom panel, you can use some glue to attach the design cut out to the bottom panel. 

Step 6

We can now start making the front panel. For the front panels you will need to cut some more slats of wood,  you will need four pieces of slat and cut the edges at a 45 degree angle, you can cut all of them together so that it has the same cut.  You then have to nailed the front panels to the sign. You are now done with your sign, light it up and bask in its light . 

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