Make an Easy Modular Work Tables

Are you tired of shoving all your tools and equipment against the wall? With all the unorganised boxes leaving you frustrated. Well, you do not have to worry about that anymore, through this article you will be able to construct a work table, with modular storage space. This table will not only provide you with a productive space, it can also be useful to store your tools. The design for the table is really simple, making it accessible to most. 


½ inch MDF

8 inch hardboard

Locking casters

Spray paint

Materials for the table 

The materials needed to build this table are 3 sheets of half ½ inch MDF, you don't have to limit yourself to MDF, you can use any other material you want to, MDF is a good option as it is nice and sturdy and has a flat surface. You will also need a 4x8 sheet of 8 inch hardboard, also known as  masonite, this is a really cost efficient cover to put on top of the table, this way if you mess it up, you can take it off and put down a new shee giving you a clean table top. 

You will then need some locking casters and spray paint.

Step 1

The link for the table plan is provided. For the project you will be making 3 tables and between the tables you will need 20 2x4 cut into identical lengths, you can do this with the help of a miter saw. You will need to cut the 2x4 into 3 different sizes, one for the leg, one for the log sides and one for the short sides.

 Next, you will need to make the frames for the top and the bottom, for this you will have to screw them together. You need to make sure that the pieces are overlaid in the correct direction, you can use the picture provided as reference, doing this will give your final dimensions of the table will be 24 by 48. 

You need to make sure to predrill all of the holes before screwing them together, you will have to insert some 2 ½ inch screws from the long side into the short side. Pre-drilling the holes is important since the holes are close to the end of the board, there is a possibility that the board might chip off. You then have to insert two supports into the outline of the frame. 

You will have to repeat this process and make 3 sets of frames. The smaller tables have 2 rectangles and the large table has 2 squares. 

Step 2

You now have to tie the top frame to the bottom frame. You can do this by screwing in the leg piece. You need to make sure that the legs are not screwed at the same area where the magnets will be attached. 

Once the legs are screwed together you will need to place the frames together.

You can  now start adding caters to the frame adding casters now will be recommended as the table will be a lot heavier once the MDF are attached. The casters should be attached to all corners of each table. You can attach the casters by screwing them into the legs. You can then flip the table. 

Step 3

You now have to add the MDF, to add the MDF, you will need to first measure the top surface of all the tables and then cut the MDF accordingly. You then have to pre drill and countersink the holes to drive screws directly into the studs through the MDF. Once you are done with the top you can start with the bottom frame. 

You can do the same for the hardboard. 

To make the storage space you will have to screw the MDF at the bottom of the table first, then flip the table and insert the MDF at the top frame. 

Step 4

You now have to attach magnets, for this, you will need to mark the area you want the magnets to be on the leg of the table. You can use neodymium magnets to help connect the tables. You will have to attach the magnet on one side and a washer on the other side. The magnet of her other table will always attach with the washer and the washer of the other table will attach to the magnet. You can use a forstner bit to crave an area to insert the magnet and then screw it securely. You can test out to make sure that the magnets work. 

Step 5

You now have to make the tops that hinge open to the storage. You will need a long hinge to do this, a piano hinge will work fine. To assist the hinge you can use some gas struts, these should be attached on either side of the table. You are now done building a modular table.

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