DIY Abstract art canvas using color changing paint

If you love DIY projects or are constantly surfing through Pinterest to save images to your art folder for inspiration just like me you are going to love this project. This DIY abstract art canvas is all over the internet. It is so much fun to play with the colours and its so easy to make that it went viral on all social media platforms. Each time you try this DIY you will create a unique art piece that no one has ever made before! We have seen both kids and adults do this fun DIY project for fun and to relieve stress. Since there are absolutely no rules this is one of the easiest and most interesting DIYs.

Read more to find out how to create that beautiful one of a kind abstract paint piece that even glows!


Products required for this DIY project:

1.     Acrylic gloss pouring medium

2.     Acrylic

3.     UV colour changing pigment

4.     Epoxy resin

5.     Plastic squeeze

6.     Canvases

7.     UV light

At the end of the blog, we have listed a few online stores from which the above ingredients required for this DIY project can be obtained.

Gather all your ingredients and let’s get started!


Steps to make your own abstract art piece:

Step 1:

We would first start with the highlight of this DIY project: the colour changing paints. For this we will need a clean plastic squeeze bottle in which we will add a pinch of the UV colour changing pigment with a generous quantity of gloss pouring medium.

Step 2:

Thoroughly mix the mixture created so that all the ingredients are combined well. It can be mixed using a stick or by shaking the bottle that contains the mixture. After this your paints are ready to go.  

*The first two steps need to be repeated every time you need to make a new colour. Remember to use different plastic bottles for each colour to avoid any mixing of colours.


Step 3:

Now comes the fun part! Bring out your canvas and let your imagination run wild. Since we are creating abstract art, you can use any canvas you want, big or small, depending on the amount of paint you have. You can even use normal acrylic paints along with the UV colour changing paints to make your art piece one of a kind!


Step 4:

Lay your canvas on a flat surface to begin with. Now you can start pouring your paints generously in whichever way shape or form you want to create your desired picture. You can also make use of plastic cups, a hairdryer, popsicle sticks or any other tools you want to direct your paint to your desired shape and direction.


Step 5:

After you are satisfied with your masterpiece, set it aside for a while so that it in dry. After it is completely dried, coat the whole canvas with a layer of resin to set your design in place.

Step 6:

Grab a UV light to look at your masterpiece glow! You can even attach a hook behind your canvas to display your art work in your favourite corner of your house!


Important points to keep in mind while doing this fun DIY project:

·       This process could get very messy so make sure that you are not wearing your favourite t-shirt while doing this DIY project.

·       Also ensure to lay down some newspapers to keep your workplace tidy.

·       Wearing gloves is another must.

·       Since we will be using chemical pigments, make sure to do this DIY project in a well-ventilated area.

·       Keep the pigments away from the reach of very small children or ensure that they are being watched by an adult while doing this DIY project.

·       The most important point is to HAVE FUN!


We have also obtained the links of online stores where the products required for this DIY project can be bought:

Acrylic gloss pouring medium: -Professional-Medium- Varnish  /dp/B000IXQAJY/ref=  sr_  1 _5?dc hild=1&keyw ords=ac rylic+glo ss+pouring+ medium&qi d=1628063 886&sr= 8-5

Acrylic paints: Marte -Acrylic-Colours  Cardboard /dp/B0 7BPPG YB1/r ef=sr_1 _5?dch ild=1&ke ywords=ac rylic+p aints&q id=1 62 806384 7&sr= 8- 5

UV colour changing pigment: l- Blocked/ d p/ B0753 RVZ5T# : ~:text=PhotoChromic%2 0Pigm ent%20c hanges% 20 colors  % 20w hen, allowi ng% 20a%20c olor%20t o%20ap p ear.

Epoxy resin: T oxic/dp/B 08MFLZ D PB/ref=s r_1_1_sspa?dc h ild=1&keywo rds=resin&qid= 1628063 925&sr= 8-1- spons&ps c=1& smid=A15 GNQ1CKRKW LQ &spLa=ZW5j cnlw  dG VkUXV h bGlmaW Vy PUF  M  WDRLN0x aUEl aRzYm ZW5jcnlwd  GVkSWQ 9 Q TA2 MDUwN Tgz  VVdYT   U  dI TjEx  RzA mZW5jc nlw dGV kQWRJZD 1BMDI0M T  M2OT NV RUIw NlpGV VRKW j Ymd2 lk Z2V 0T mFt Z T1zcF 9h dGY mYWN0aW9 uPWNs aWN rUmV kaXJ lY3 Qm ZG9 Ob3 RM  b 2dDbG ljaz 1 0cnVl

Plastic squeeze bottle: Enri ch-Squeeze -Bottle -360Ml-12 Oz/dp/B0 7P5BX  1TT/ref= sr_1_19? dchild=1& keywor ds =ketchup+dispenser &qid =162 8 0605 67 & sr=8-19

Canvases: Canvas-Board-10x12 /dp/B0883NLCFN/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?d child=1&keywords=canvas&qid=1628063943&sr=8-1-spons &psc =1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUX VhbGlmaWVyPUExVlY5RFRU MzlRNEpQJmVuY3J5cHRl ZElkPUEwNTI3M zA2MTAyTjM5U1dNR lhRSSZlbmNyeXB0ZW RBZE lkPUEwNjI xOTA1M1ZRU1AxSjY  zN1R ETyZ3aWRnZX ROYW1lPXNwX2F0ZiZhY3 Rpb2 49Y2x pY2tS ZWR pcmVjdCZk b05vdExv Z0NsaWNrPXRydWU=

UV light: iciKart- LED-395-400 Nm-  Flashlight- Battery/dp/ B0716X  WY  B2/ref=sr_1_6?d child=1 &key words= uv+light&qid=1628063962&s  r=8- 6


Create your own DIY abstract art canvas using UV colour changing paints now! Every art piece created by this method is unique so let your imagination run wild while making this one-of-a-kind art piece!


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