How to make a minimal studio desk

Through this article you will be able to make your own studio desk, The desk can be made of planks of wood that is available. The simplicity of the design is what makes it easier to follow through with the steps.  



Steel tube

Oil finish

Step 1

To begin with this project, you can start by making the table top, for this you will need some planks of wood, make sure that the wood is around 1 inch thick. You will first have to lay the pieces together and then park the area that you will want to cut. You will then have to cut the wood planks at a 45-degree angle. You will then need to clean out the edges, you can achieve this by running it through a joiner to give it a clean even edge. You will then have to take the clean edge along the table saw fence, so that the opposite is cleaned as well. Doing this will help with the gluing up process.

You can then insert all the pieces through a plane, this is done to make sure that all the pieces are of the same thickness.

Step 2

You can now start constructing the table to fit your studio space, you might have to measure all the equipment that will be placed on the table and the area that it will be placed against.

You then have to line up all the wood pieces together and draw on the angles for the corners. You can draw a mark on the area where the wood will join together. You then have to attach the biscuits, you will need to attach these to each slot of wood that will be attached together. 

You then have to apply a lot of glue onto the wood and attach all the wood pieces together. You can then start clamping them, make sure that they are clamped at the top and the bottom, doing this will ensure that your table will remain flat and not rise in one direction.

Once the glue dries up, you will have to scrape off any excess group that was squeezed out.

Step 3

You can now cut the top into the angle you want the table to have. You can use a hand plane to even out the area where the wood meets and then with the help of several different grits of sandpaper you can start sanding the wood.

Step 4

The legs for the table are made of steel. For the legs you will need to make the legs to resemble a box, 3 sides of it were made of square tubing and the top section is made out of a flat bar, the flat bar is used so that it can be easily screwed into the bottom of the desk. Except the flat bar all the other pieces are cut at a 45-degree angle. You then have to lay out the frame to make sure that all the pieces were cut accurately. You then have to tack weld all of the pieces and once all the pieces are tack welded you will have to fully weld them. You can bow drill holes into the flat bar so that it can be attached to the table.

You will then have to use the flap disk on your grinder to smooth out all the welding. 

You then have to cover the frame with some primer and then coat it with black paint.

Step 5

To make the riser for the monitor, you will have to repeat all the above steps but on a much smaller wood. You then have to flip the desk and attach the legs to the desk.

Step 6

You can use a tack cloth to get rid of any dust that is at the top of the table. Then apply a bit of finish across the wood. You will have to apply the first coat, then lightly sand it off and then apply the second coat.

You then have to cut more pieces of wood, this will act as the legs for the riser that was made earlier. Measure and place the legs at equal distance, trace the outline of the leg and with a router carve out a shallow slot for the leg. Then apply the finish and place it over the table.

The table for the studio is bad.

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