The Pretender Pencil

The Pretender Pencil 

Are you in desperate need of a sneaky gadget to hide some very important information?

Nervous about your big presentation at work or school and need to hide some helpful pointers without making it obvious? 

Or maybe just a simple test you didn’t prepare for, shhh… don’t let your parents know!

Well, keep reading because you’re in the right place. 

A guide to an easy-to-make DIY pretender pencil is the answer to all your woes, let’s dive right in and have a look at how exactly can you make this very handy and sneaky gadget. 

  • Things you need:

  1. A sharp cutting tool
  2. A wooden pencil 
  3. 3/16 inch drill bit 
  4. 5//32 inch drill bit 
  5. A square tool
  6. Vise 
  7. A hot glue gun
  8. Some cotton swabs 
  9. A fishing line, dental floss or something similarly stiffer 

  • Procedure: 

Firstly, take your wooden pencil and lay it flat down, then with the help of a sharp cutting tool start making small cuts at the very end of the ferrule (i.e the metal end of the pencil) keep rotating your pencil while cutting or you can even use a vise for a steady and good grip, be very careful as we don’t want you losing a finger. 

Once done, you’ll end up with two pieces, the ferrule-eraser part and the rest of the pencil.

Now it’s time to clean out the ferrule and the most convenient way to do that is by using a drill bit, preferably a 3/16 inch one. Place the ferrule eraser side down and slowly and extra cautiously drill out the centre of the ferrule, don’t go all the in as we don’t want to drill into the eraser. When you’ve drilled far enough, time to bring out your cutting tool again to start cleaning out the last remaining bits inside the ferrule. Your result must be a hollow ferrule where you can easily see the eraser at the other end.

Let’s work on the other half of the pencil, you’ll need a 5/32 inch drill bit or something similar. Place your pencil in the vise to hold it down steadily, use a square tool to make sure if your pencil is placed perfectly straight in the vise. Now use a drill and a drill guide to very carefully drill down about 2 inches through the centre of the pencil. When you’re done you’ll have a nice and clean hollow hole through the centre of your pencil. Take a few cotton swabs, peel them a bit to make them thinner so that they can easily fit inside your pencil and clean out the graphite remains inside of the hollow hole. 

The last step, finally, we’re almost done!

For this step, we’re going to use a fishing line, if you don’t have one you can use some dental floss or something similar. Now, cut a piece twice as long as the depth of the hole in the pencil and fold it in half. Add a drop of hot glue in the metal ferrule part and place down the open ends of the fishing line and hold it still until it dries and hardens. 

Next, take a small piece of paper with your secret information or important pointers, roll that up as tightly and firmly as you can, once you reach the end of the paper place the last flap inside the loop of the fishing line and continue to roll.

Lastly, insert this part with your secret note inside the other half of the pencil, push it firmly until it fights nice and tight.

And there you have it, you’re pretender pencil is ready for your sneaky business! 

While it looks like an ordinary pencil but can come in handy in ways no one can ever imagine, so go ahead, impress them all. 

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