How to make a color screen printing press from scratch

Today we are going to be showing you how to make a very unique DIY project: a multiple color screen printing press from scratch! For those of you who don’t know what a screen-printing press is don’t worry we’ve got you covered. A screen-printing press is basically an instrument used in a common printing technique that involves forcing ink through a mesh screen to create a printed design. If you’re interested in making this or you are simply curious to know how exactly it is made read more to find out!


Products needed for this DIY project:

1.      2 x 4

2.      Plywood

3.      Eye screws

4.      Normal screws

5.      Clamps

6.      Screens

7.      Lazy Susan

8.      Drill


Let’s get started with our DIY project!


Step 1:

First, let’s cut all the pieces of wood so that we have everything ready before assembling the printer. For this, we will need to cut four pieces of 2 x 4 that is 8 inches long. Then you also need to cut 4 smaller pieces of 2 x 4 and two longer pieces of 2 x 4. We will also need one large base piece of plywood and three other smaller pieces of plywood that are 12 inches x 12 inches. You will need to cut the sides of one of these smaller 12 inches x 12 inches diagonally so that you’re left with an octagon. Once all the cutting has been done, quickly sand all the pieces down to eliminate any rough edges and to get a smooth finish.

Step 2:

Now you need to screw the two longer pieces of 2 x 4 on the large plywood base by leaving at least 4 inches between the 2 x 4s. Then screw one of the plywood squares on top of the two pieces of 2 x 4. Then you need to screw on a lazy Susan at the edge of this square plywood piece. You need to screw this whole structure by screwing the lazy Susan to the middle of one of the plywood octagons pieces. Finally, screw two of the smaller pieces of 2 x 4s in the middle of the other side of the octagon plywood piece. You also need to screw on four eye screws on the octagon surrounding the two pieces of 2 x 4 in the center.

Step 3:

Next, you need to drill some holes at the end of the four-piece wood 2 x 4 so that the hinges can be screwed in place. Once the holes have been drilled, screw the hinges in place using some screws and a drill. Now make a hole on each side of all the 2 x 4s one inch from the top. Insert 8 eye screws into these holes; two for each piece of 2 x 4. Use a screwdriver to tighten these eye screws. Now take four aluminum L brackets and drill two holes in the center of each bracket. Screw these L brackets onto the four pieces of 2 x 4.

Step 4:

Connect the free side of the hinges that were screwed onto the four pieces of 2 x 4s onto the four sides of the octagon plywood fixed on the lazy Susan using some screws and a drill. Now, connect some springs to a turnbuckle and connect the eye screws on the 2 x 4s to the eye screws on the octagon using some S hooks. You also need to attach two clamps on each of the L brackets by screwing them in place. You will also need to attach the screens to the ends of these arms. To finish this step off, cut another octagon from a piece of plywood and glue it onto the top of the two smaller pieces of 2 x 4s in the center of the structure. Use some screws and a drill to make the structure studies. This piece will act as a stop for each one of the arms.

Step 5:

The final step is to make the platen of your printing press. Simply cut it to length and screw it onto a long piece of 2 x 4 that will act as the arm. Insert this in the middle of the two longer pieces of 2 x 4s screwed in the earlier steps. You need to ensure that the platen lines up with the screen when it is pulled down. For this, you could create a stop block to prevent the arm from sliding too far back into the printing press. And you could even use some scrap wood to raise the platen a little so that it is perfectly parallel to the screen.

Your color screen printing press is now complete! You can use this amazing creation of yours to make custom apparel, canvasses, artwork, posters, and much more at home! What is so unique about DIY projects is that you can customize them in any way, shape, or form that you want so let your imagination run wild. Enjoy your latest creation!

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