Turn your stuffed animals into puppets

Do you have a lot of stuffed toys just laying around in your room and you have no idea what to do with them? Why not turn them into puppets, this DIY can help you do that. Not only does it promise you a fun time it also helps you make you of the stuffed toys you o longer play with.  


Needle Threader

Singer Household Needles

Monofilament Fishing Line

Marshmallow Sticks

Electrical Tape

Rubber Coated Wire

Step 1

Grab a stuffed animal, it is preferred that your stuffed animal has a tail as it can balance out the head. Your string position will depend on the stuffed toy you choose. If your stuffed animal does not  have a tail or has a small tail then you will have to attach only a single string, animals with arms attached forward will also be troublesome to attach and move the string. The perfect stuffed animal for a four string puppet is one that has a long tail and has wings, so any stuffed bird. 

Step 2

For this step you will need to take out the monofilament fishing line and a needle, unwrap the monofilament and pass it through the needle, just like you would do while sewing. You will then need to pass the needle through the designated stop of the stuffed animal, you are attaching the monofilament to the hands of a stuffed animal you will need it to pass the needle right at the edge of the hands. Once you have passed the needle through the stuffed animal you can cut it off, keep enough monofilament so that you can tie a knot, and then cut off the excess monofilament, make sure not to cut off the main monofilament string that you will be attaching to the sticks that will be used to control your stuffed animal as a puppet. 

While cutting off the monofilament that will be connected to your stick, you will need to cut it to a length that you find comfortable, usually 30 inch will work however test out if it is the height you want before you cut it. Do the same to the other hand, and then you tie the monofilaments, parallel, to the stick or a pencil. This is how you attach the monofilament for a two string puppet. 

Step 3

Next we can move on to make a four string puppet or to turn your stuffed bird into a puppet. You can start off by attaching the filament to the wings of the stuffed bird, for this you will need to find the perfect equilibrium, this is done so that the flapping of the wings looks natural when you move the stings. Do the same for the other wing and for the tail of the bird, next you need to take out the two marshmallow sticks or pencils and place them crossed over each other. Now you will need some rubber bands, this is done so that the sticks stay in place, a rubber band is preferred over any other cloth because the texture of the rubber band will prevent it from gliding while at the same time you can manually adjust the position of the rubber band. You will need to tie the rubber band across the sticks to bind them together. 

Step 4

To attach the monofilaments to the puppet sticks, the size of your stick should be a tiny bit longer than the areas you attached the monofilament to the stuffed animal. You will then need to use a hand saw, a razor will work fine too, and at both the edges of the stick cut out a strip of it, the cut out would be in the centre so that you can tie the string to it, this will create a some space for your string to slip in. You then wrap the string at the front end of the stick a couple of times and tie a knot and then do the same at the back end of the stick. Then use some tape and wrap the edges of the stick, this will secure it in place. 

Step 5

 You want to try out something different , you can put two strings on another stick and attach it to the stuffed toy. This will allow you to control the stuffed animal puppet with both your hands. If  you want to create a detachable 4 string puppet then you can use some rubber coated wire. Cut around 6 inches of your wire and place both the stitch crossed with each other and wrap the wire around them and twist it, you can give you flexibility when you want to detach it to a two hand version. You are now done turning your stuff toys into puppets!

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