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Create an Eternal Terrarium

An eternal terrarium is like a mini terrarium for plants, these plants are usually grown in jars and other air-tight containers, these containers are typically transparent. As the container is air-tight there is no oxygen or carbon dioxide that passes through it. This may have you questioning how...

How to make a night vision camera from an ordinary camcorder

Have you ever wanted to make your very own night vision camera from scratch? Make seamless night films using the night vision camera that we are about to show you how to make from an ordinary camcorder. Read ahead to find out how it is made! Products needed: 1. A camcorder 2. A dozen 200...

Sugar rockets
How to build your own rocket with Sugar.

If you're here, then we're pretty sure you probably love to do DIY projects, and now you want to do something on the next level. Especially if you're interested in building a DIY project related to rockets and fuel on a low budget, this article is for you! First of all, if you ever worked on DIY...

How to make a matchbox microphone

Want to do an easy and fun experiment with your children? This DIY will absolutely amaze them! Using just a few products you can make your very own microphone from scratch. read ahead to find out how it’s done!   Products required for this DIY project: 1. Matchbox 2. Sharp cutter 3. Pencils 4....

How to chill a beverage in just 5 minutes

Imagine coming back home from a long run in the warm sun and not having a cold beverage to provide you with the much-needed refreshment. Yes, that is our nightmare too! But if you do happen to find yourself in this situation, we have the perfect solution for you. All you need is 3 ingredients: a...

DIY Wi-Fi signal booster using soda cans

Have you ever had trouble downloading a file due to a weakened Wi-Fi signal because your router was too far? Or are you tired of your favorite Netflix show buffering while you are sitting in another room? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. Improve your Wi-Fi signal by almost 3 times by...

How to make a coin battery

Do you want to make a cool coin battery but don’t know how to? We have the perfect DIY for you! If you make a coin battery using the procedure given below you can generate about 4 volts which could power anything from a small LED light to a television remote.   Products required for this DIY: 1....

Build a high-tech transparent display screen

Transparent screens have been all the range in recent years, as the growing fascination with futuristic devices increases the desire to own your very own transparent display screen also increases. This DIY is perfect for your science fair project or a fun assignment to take on when you have nothing...

DIY USB Rechargeable Desktop Lightning Tower

While there are different methods to create high voltage, a voltage multiplier is the best choice. Voltage multipliers are capable of lightning level voltages, in most cases these devices are quite large and expensive. Through this DIY you will be able to build a mini version of that, which can...

How to make a hydraulic robotic arm

Do you have a science project or science fair coming up soon and you have no idea what project to make which will blow everyone’s mind away and will get you your first prize? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Today we will be showing you how to make a hydronic robotic arm! If you’re...

Generate electricity while walking

Have you ever wondered if you could produce electricity just by walking? This article will help you test out this theory. Let’s figure out if we can charge some lithium batteries while walking. Materials USB power bank Piezoelectric transducers (6x) 1N4007 Rectifier diodes (4x) Hookup wires Old...

Why doing nothing actually takes up energy

Have you ever been told to ‘stop wasting your energy by doing nothing?’ Well, this article will use physics to help you understand where that saying comes from. You will understand that even when you think you are doing noting you actually are using up energy. We can use Trammel of Archimedes or...

Cool Egg Experiment: How to unboil an egg

If someone were to ask you to unboil a boiled egg you would think that such a process is impossible, however turning a boiled egg back to its original liquid form is in fact possible. In this article we will be finding a way to unboil an egg and even try to cook an egg with no heat. Materials Egg...

Build a BB8 droid at home

Are you a ‘Star Wars’ fan and want to build your own BB-8 droid? This article is just for you. Following this article, you’ll find yourself being able to build your own BB-8 droid with ease. Material Arduino Uno Pololu VNH5019 motor driver 2 metal gearboxes Bluetooth module 4 Cell lithium...

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